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About Us

It was not so long ago when I looked at my cable bill and realized that, paying over one hundred dollars a month for the TV that you rarely watch, is too much. And when those odd days of week when you have some time and you decide to watch something … there is nothing really to watch. TV in our home was for kids to watch cartoon channels and some news at odd times. This is the time when we decided to take the step and stand against this outrageous cable bill…. We never looked back after that.

Isn’t the same story true for most homes in United States and Canada?

When we started looking for alternative, the process was a little too complicated for someone who just wants to stream movies or watch free TV and have little technical knowledge.

There are many options for streaming TV online or through streaming devices or also called streaming media player but all of those are not really a plug and play solution for free tv or free movies. At the same time, there are software solutions like XBMC, KODI, MickyHop and thousands of apps to download, install and program. That is not convenient.

This is when we decided to extend what we have learned through this process and simplify it for other. At we not only have the handpicked streaming devices those are simple yet powerful, we also personally program,  them with all the latest software’s, plug-ins and apps for you to watch free TV, free latest movies and free TV shows whenever you want to watch it. We just don’t sell you a box, we stand behind it and provide you support and information on how to get maximum advantage. If there are any questions, just drop us an email at, follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook to stay updated with latest.